South Florida Weather

Weather In South Florida

So, you want to know what's the weather in South Florida like?

South Florida weather is warm all year long! Tropical, breezy and warm. It's considered semi-tropical or if you want to use meteorologist terminology it's an equatorial climate which means the weather in South Florida is a type of tropical climate in which there is no dry season.

Not only is there no dry season in South Florida, we really don't even have four seasons for that matter because we don't have a true summer or a true winter like most of the United States. 

South Florida weather is mostly sunny and warm with blue skies making it perfect beach weather almost all year around!  In the summer months there is high humidity with tropical downpours almost daily.

Every month has a rainfall of at least 2.36 inches.  But don't fret over the rain.  The showers are warm, tropical showers, not lasting long, with the sunshine quickly reappearing. 

This monthly rainfall is what makes South Florida so beautiful, lush and green!   

Winter Weather in South Florida

December to March are considered the winter months in South Florida because they are noticeably cooler but as you can tell from the photo, the skies are clear blue and the January weather in Florida is magnificent!

I was actually sunbathing in January in the South Florida sunshine the day I took this photo of the intracoastal waterway. 

So don't let the cooler temperatures scare you away.  Florida weather in January still cannot be beat anywhere else in the United States!

High temperatures during Florida winter months typically range from 65 to 82 degrees.

South Florida does experience cold fronts from November through March, (<i>but remember cold in Florida is if the temperature drops below 70 degrees ha-ha-ha)</i> as compared to elsewhere in the United States where cold means freezing temperatures and even subzero temperatures in many parts of the United States. 

South Florida Weather in April - Hollywood Beach, Florida
Photo Courtesy of Photographically Yours, Inc.

Summer Weather in South Florida

June through October are considered the summer months, with South Florida weather being more hot and the humidity increasing during summer months with July and August having the highest humidity.

But remember, there is always a nice fresh breeze off the Atlantic Ocean and the afternoon rain bring coolness to the warm and humid days in the summer months. 

The best Florida weather is between November and February when the weather in South Florida is generally dry and sunny making for the best sunbathing and most perfect Florida family beach vacation! 

November, March and April are considered the transitional months, being neither full-on summer or full-on winter.  They are typically dry and warm with temperatures ranging from 63 to 85 degrees.

South Florida Average Weather

Month High Low Precipitation
January 76 59 2.94
February 77 60 2.70
March 79 63 2.80
April 82 66 3.91
May 86 71 6.33
June 88 71 10.01
July 90 75 6.70
August 90 76 6.88
September 89 75 8.26
October 86 72 6.44
November 81 67 4.57
December 77 62 2.65

Weather in the Florida Keys

Weather in the Florida Keys is considerably drier than the rest of South Florida. Key West has an average annual rainfall of about 40" where Miami has nearly 60".

Smather's Beach - Key West, Florida
Photo Credit: Dawn Pennington

Florida Hurricane Season

Florida hurricane season is officially from June through the end of October.  Hurricane season is really of no worries because for the most part, due to our high technology nowadays, ample warning is provided.

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