Florida Weather in  March

Florida weather in March has an average high temperature of 79 degrees and an average low temperature of 63.

The sun shines bright, the skies are blue and Florida weather in March is inviting to all those on spring breaker flocking to the Florida sunshine! So here's fair warning to plan ahead if you want to avoid Spring Break because for much of the United States it is Spring Break during March and Florida beaches are the destination.

Here is a beautiful beach photo of Florida's March weather during a non-spring-break photo op. Look how inviting this is!

Photo credit: Larry Richardson

And then below is a photo of Spring Break vacation! Plan ahead if you want to avoid crowded beaches like this pictured below. Yikes!

Photo Credit: Delray Beach Water Sports

As compared to Florida's weather in January and February, our March weather is starting to get warmer with longer daylight hours (yayyyyy!!!!) and of course this means more Fun in the Sun!

It's the perfect time for any outdoor water sport activities such as boating, fishing, kite boarding, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, kayaking, flying kites, volleyball on the beach, and just about any other water sport you can think of!

Delray Beach Water Sports
Open 7 Days a Week
(weather permitting)

Delray Beach Water Sports is open 7 days a week, weather permitting. They offer snorkeling tours, and lessons and rentals for all your water sports needs! Look for the "beach shack" at the south end of the beach! Where you see the bright colored kayaks and the catamarans.

Address: 401 S Ocean Blvd (A1A), located at the south end of the beach, near the intersection of Ocean Blvd and Causarina Avenue. Look for the beach shack right ON the beach.

Water Sports Shack Phone: 561-272-7873
Cell Phone: 561-702-7433
Website: Delray Beach Water Sports website
Facebook: Delray Beach Water Sports Facebook Page here

Super-Sized Kites
Flying Kites on the Beach

And how about these life-size kites handmade by Randy the Kiteman! These kites can be purchased to have for your very own fun! Contact Randy.

Phone: 781-799-9261
Facebook: Randy the Kiteman's Facebook Page

Photo credit: Brad Stoecker

Volleyball on the Beach Anyone?

How about some beach volleyball in the sand! You'll find the volleyball on the beach at the south end of the beach right near Delray Beach Water Sports.

You'll find endless opportunities of fun on our beaches for people of all ages! All of these activities are located at the south end of the beach at the intersection of A1A and Causarina Drive.

Average Temperature in March...

The average high temperature in Delray Beach in March is 79 degrees. The average low temperature in Delray Beach in March is 62.  The average precipitation is 3.68.

What's the Weather Like Right Now...

Christmas in Delray...
It's the most magical time of year!

Christmas is a magical time of year in Delray Beach, Florida! The energy in the air is so magical it is literally palpable! We love the holidays here!

If you've never been to Delray Beach, Florida, USA to see our magical 100-foot Christmas tree and the magic that surrounds our downtown, please check out my Christmas in Delray page.

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