How I Fell Madly in Love with Delray Beach, Florida!
It all started with...

My Thanksgiving Holiday Vacation in 2007

Hello Delray Beach Lover O' Mine! I'm Danika Dahl and I love Delray Beach, Florida, USA!

I fell in love with Delray Beach, and I mean totally and madly fell in love, on my very first visit to Delray for my Thanksgiving holiday in November 2007.

Initially, I came here to vacation with my sister and her two kids (my adorable niece and nephew!).

We had reservations to spend two weeks of pampering at the first-class Delray Marriott Hotel right across the street from the beach and walking distance to everything you could possibly want on a vacation.

The Marriott is one of two luxurious hotels in Delray. So this means you have luxury right across the street from the beach. It doesn't get much better than that! Luxury + Beach = Sweet!

Ocean Front Marriott - Delray Beach, FL, USA

Lovely Relaxing Marriott Pool to Enjoy! Right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean - the best of both worlds!

Nearing the end of our 2-week vacation in Delray, we began discussing whether we should (and could) extend our oh-so-heavenly and therapeutic vacation in Delray for a few more even weeks?

There was no arguing about it! 

It was a unanimous decision, kids included, we were all in love with Delray and we all wanted to extend our vacation in Delray Beach!

A few calls back home to make sure everything was OK and a call to the airlines to change our tickets and we amazingly pulled it off!

And so it was…

Three more wonderful weeks to
vacation in Delray Beach! 

What was it that made us fall so in love with Delray Beach?  Funny you ask! Because that is exactly why I’ve made this web site! To tell you all about it!

Beautiful, Serene, Lovely...Delray Beach, Florida, USA
Photo credit Brad Stoecker

Award-Winning Atlantic Avenue

Award-Winning Atlantic Avenue is where all the action takes place in this beach-side town. The beach and ocean are directly at the end of this photo. Right downtown! You can walk everywhere!

There are so many amazing events! Like the 100-Foot Christmas Tree or 3-day Delray Affair Art Event or the Wine & Seafood Event. There are so many to choose from...

100-Foot Christmas Tree in downtown Delray
Photo credit Captain Kimo

Whether it's an art fair, our famous St. Patrick's Day Parade, our 100-Foot Christmas Tree Lighting event, or just a vibrant sexy nightlife you're looking for, you'll find it all right here in downtown Delray. On or near our world-famous Atlantic Avenue!

And let's not forget the amazingly warm weather, warm ocean waters and soothing sunshine in Florida -- and the outdoor dining and waterfront dining.  All of this and more, is why I love Delray! I think it is the best vacation spot in Florida.

Waterfront Dining on the Intracoastal at Deck 84
Photo credit Captain Kimo

There is so much to love about Delray and so much I want to share -- so I made an entire website all about my love of Delray. And I'm going to share it with you -- and with the world. Virtually.

By me doing this website, it allows you to virtually feel and experience Delray Beach as IF you were here!

If you like what you've seen so far, please stay in contact with me and let me tell you more about Delray Beach!

December Weather is beautiful here!
Photo credit Larry Richardson

I wouldn’t be surprised if you just might find yourself mesmerized by this charming little beach town just like I did! And I bet you'll soon be wanting to make Delray Beach your next vacation destination -- or maybe you'll even want to move here!

And, when that times comes, I'll be right here at my website! Waiting to help you with your move to Delray or plan your vacation to Delray. Whichever one it is -- I'll be right here to help you!

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