St. Patrick's Day Parade
Delray Beach, Florida

It was back in 1968 when a green pig and Maury Power paraded down Atlantic Avenue – starting a tradition that is still celebrated nearly 50 years later!

That tradition is our famous St. Patrick’s Day parade in Delray Beach, Florida!

Parade Time & Location         

History of Delray St Patrick's Day Parade

Irish Pubs & Irish Bars

It is now known as an international parade for Emergency Service Workers (Firefighters, Police, Paramedics) -- and it is one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in Florida! 

Photo Credit: Georgia Handy Photography

It may be one of the biggest parades in Florida now, but success hasn’t always befriended this nonprofit parade. 

It came close to its demise in 2010, when there just wasn’t enough financial support from sponsors to keep it viable.

Enter retired Fire Captain John Fischer.

He saw this as an opportunity and Nancy Stewart from Festival Management Group, (who managed the parade at that time), welcomed John’s support and energy. 

The Resurgence of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade…

Since John’s involvement in 2010, the parade has morphed into an entirely new parade, more than doubled in size, and segued into an international parade paying tribute to the Emergency Services Workers community and attracting as many as 100,000 -- possibly up to 150,000 spectators.

It seems to have gotten its MOJO back and continues to grow each year.

The firefighters group, headed by John, has largely contributed to the parade's rebranding and growth – now marketing the parade as a role-modeling opportunity for children.

“The visual image of hundreds of sharply dressed, clean cut, neatly pressed uniformed, honorable, dignified,
respected, team-oriented firefighters marching together with pride, is something that our children of today, need to be exposed to”
Retired Fire Captain John Fischer

In May 2013, the entire parade was officially turned over to the hands of John Fischer and his management team, Code 3 Events. It is their goal to continue to increase its family-friendly nature.

St. Patrick's Day is now
Two Days of Celebrations!!!

St. Patrick’s Day in Delray Beach, FL is now a 2-day celebration of Irish fun for the entire family.

It kicks off with the St Patrick's Day Festival on Friday night on the grounds of Old School Square Park, downtown Delray 5-10pm

Saturday is parade day with the parade starting at 12 PM noon and ends approximately 2 PM.

Post-event activities continue in downtown at the Festival site and many other random locations.

Where O' Where are the Irish Pubs?!!! ;-)

Where Does the Parade Start?
Parade Start Time & Location...

The parade starts at 12 PM noon at the east end of Atlantic Avenue at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Gleason Drive (near the Marriott Residence Inn and Seagate Hotel).  

It used to end at Swinton Avenue but due to increased spectators, in 2012 the parade was extended 5 more blocks west to accommodate the growing crowd.

The parade now officially ends at the Delray Beach Fire Rescue's Headquarters station on West Atlantic Avenue and NW 5th Avenue. Pretty much anywhere west of Swinton, you will find the best viewing, towards the end of the parade.

What You'll See...

Antique fire engines as well as modern day fire engines and apparatus.

Fire department honor guard teams will march carrying flags and ornate fire axes.

Fire department bagpipe band members from different fire department pipe and drum bands will march and play together.

Uniformed marching firefighters, Dalmation dog owners, and professional fire clowns have been invited to delight the spectators.

2010 was the first time 5 sets of ladder trucks suspended huge flags at the intersections of Atlantic Avenue. Huge flags hung over the parade route, including an Irish flag at Swinton Avenue.

The parade now features 12 ladder trucks, coming from departments all the way from Miami-Dade to Indian River County. The ladder trucks line up two by two to form arches flying 20 x 30-foot flags over the parade route on Atlantic Avenue.

The spectators dress as "IF" they were a clown in the parade...

This is me in the green TOP hat and green jewels, lol!

Left: My friend (and local artist) Dana Donaty.
Bottom right: Me and my friend Kelli Freeman. We all love the St. Patrick's Day parade!

This collage is of JoJo Marie and her friends. JoJo loves the St. Patty's Day parade more than most! And her photos reveal this!

You might even get lucky and get a posed photo with the Muck Monster of Lake Worth Lagoon!

Irish Bars in Delray

Tim Finnegans Irish Pub
2885 S. Federal Hwy
Delray Beach, FL
Traditional Irish Fare - Full menu lunch and dinner
Irish breakfast brunch Sat & Sun
Facebook Page: Tim Finnegans

The Blue Anchor Pub
in downtown Delray - it's a British Pub! Great place to enjoy St Patrick's Day festivities and a great place to watch the parade!
804 East Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Facebook Page: The Blue Anchor Pub

HJ O'Connor's Pub - downtown Delray
210 NE 2nd St, Delray Beach, FL 33444
Phone: 561-330-0022
Facebook Page: HJ O'Connor's Pub

Read about the history of the St Patrick's Day parade and how Maury Power and his pig started this tradition back in 1968.

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