Florida Weather in January

January Weather in Florida is Fantastic!
Average Ocean Water Temperature is
71 Fahrenheit and 22 Celsius

Florida weather in January has an average high temperature of 76' F and 24' C and an average low temperature of 57' F and 14' C.

The sun shines and January weather in Florida is just simply Fantabo-beautiful!

January at the Beach in Florida
Photo Courtesy of Photographically Yours, Inc.

Sunbathe in Florida All Year Around!

So if you are looking to vacation in the USA during the winter months and you want a warm, tropical climate with sunshine, warm waters and sunbathing temperatures, my recommendation is South Florida, USA! 

Wondering if you can actually sunbathe in Florida in the winter? 

Well, the answer is...Absolutely yes! 

Plan to bring the bikini and suntan oil and sun protection, because it is definitely bikini weather! Whether it's the beach or poolside, it is swimsuit weather in the winter here in Florida! 

Come Sunbathe in the Florida Sunshine
Photo Courtesy of Photographically Yours, Inc.

If traveling in January doesn't work in your plans, no worries because South Florida weather is sunbathing weather all-year around!

How Cold Does it get in Florida in the Winter?

Although, January weather has the coldest temperatures of all 12 months, you will still find that Florida weather in January is probably the nicest weather in all of the United States during the cold (brrrr) winter months. 

Coldest weather recorded in Florida? Well, in December 1989 and again in January 2010 there was snow in Florida and freezing temperatures!!!

And, I was here both times -- on vacation! Not so much fun...

Average Temperature for South Florida for the Entire Year...

Average Temperature
South Florida

Month High Low Precipitation
January 76 59 2.94
February 77 60 2.70
March 79 63 2.80
April 82 66 3.91
May 86 71 6.33
June 88 71 10.01
July 90 75 6.70
August 90 76 6.88
September 89 75 8.26
October 86 72 6.44
November 81 67 4.57
December 77 62 2.65

What's the Weather Like Right Now...

South Florida Weather by the Month...

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South Florida Weather by the Month

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