South Florida Weather in November

Weather in Florida in November is... Fabulous!

 Florida weather in November is fabulous! It's warm. It's sunny. It's breezy. And, it's definitely water sports & sunbathing weather for sure!

Enjoy it at the beach, in the water, sunbathing or just get your toes in the sand and read a book and enjoy the rhythmic sound of the ocean. It's so peaceful. However you enjoy it, I'm pretty sure you'll find that November weather in Florida has something to offer everyone! Even if it's just a beautiful morning sunrise at the beach!

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this beautiful sunrise? :-)

Photo credit Larry Richardson

With an average temperature of 80 F or 26 C degrees, the weather really, truly is nice enough and warm enough to sunbathe in November, or do the beach, poolside or boating. Outdoor water sports are enjoyed all year-round here in South Florida!

Beach chairs lined up awaiting for their guests! Look at that blue ski in November at the beach!

Photo credit Larry Richardson

Average beach water temperature: 76 F / 24 C
Average weather high temperature: 80 F / 26 C 

Tourist Season starts in November. This means people travel to South Florida in leaps and bounds to enjoy Florida's warm and sunny winter months! It also means everything gets pretty crowded and it's really, really, really important to have reservations!!! Because the population nearly doubles in size with all the tourists and all the part-time Florida residents (aka snow birds) returning.

tip for you!

November is a month you need reservations so
be sure to plan ahead!

Additionally, a lot of tourists choose to spend their Thanksgiving holiday in a warm, tropical climate and they pick South Florida because of the wonderfully warm weather in November!

How about outdoor dining on Thanksgiving Day! I'll take that! ;-)

I speak from my personal experience because one year I was one of those tourist during Thanksgiving holiday! I spent my Thanksgiving holiday on Delray Beach soaking up that warm Florida sunshine! 

Here I am enjoying
the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean in November!

OK, Now Back to the beautiful
South Florida Weather in November

Average beach water temperature in November is 76 degrees!

The average weather high temperature in November is 80 degrees.  The average low temperature is 66 degrees.  The average precipitation is 4.57.

The beach water in November is warm so bring the bikini and sunscreen because you'll need it!

Annual Average Beach Water Temperature

Month Farenheit Celsius
January 71 22
February 73 23
March 75 24
April 78 26
May 80 27
June 84 29
July 86 30
August 86 30
September 84 29
October 83 28
November 76 24
December 73 23

Wine & Seafood Festival is in November!
Seafood Festival is a 2-day event at the east end of Atlantic Avenue.  And it is free to attend!

November 2012, was our very first Wine and Seafood Festival beach side!

This is now one of our annual events and it's just one more reason why you should come to Delray in November! 

Learn wine pairing with a daily wine pairing schedule to choose from, enjoy live music and delicious, tantalizing seafood right next to our beautiful beach at A1A and Atlantic Avenue.

Here's a video by my friend Patricia Serrano
2012 Wine and Seafood Festival

Holiday Decorating Begins in November!

In November, the assembly of the 100-Foot Christmas Tree begins in downtown Delray and the downtown businesses and our lovely hotels begin their decorating too!

Here's a photo of the Marriott lobby decorated for Christmas! Holiday season is spectacular here in Delray Beach, FL!

Be sure to see my web page dedicated to our holiday events!

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