Florida Weather in April

April average high temperature in Florida is 82 degrees!

Florida weather in April has an average high temperature of 82 degrees and an average low temperature of 66. The sun shines, the weather is getting warmer, the temperatures are climbing and April weather in Florida is just simply beautiful!

Florida weather in April is about 10 degrees warmer than temperatures in January, February and March.

April Weather in Florida is
Serious Sunbathing Weather!

Although, almost every month is made for sunbathing weather in Florida, you will find that April is obviously when the temperature starts climbing past the 80 degrees on a daily basis. 

Sunbathing in April in Delray Beach, FL
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Photo Credit Photographically Yours, Inc.

Early morning, before the crowd arrives...
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Average Temperature in April...

The average high temperature in Delray Beach in April is 82 degrees. The average low temperature in Delray Beach in April is 65.  The average precipitation is 3.57.

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Christmas in Delray...
It's the most magical time of year!

Christmas is a magical time of year in Delray Beach, Florida! The energy in the air is so magical it is literally palpable! We love the holidays here!

If you've never been to Delray Beach, Florida, USA to see our magical 100-foot Christmas tree and the magic that surrounds our downtown, please check out my Christmas in Delray page.

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