ITC Volley Girls

Introduced in 2007, the Volley Girls became the iconic figure for the International Tennis Championships (ITC) in Delray Beach, Florida.

The Volley Girls are the ambassadors and spokespersons of the event both on-site and at the tournament’s sponsors' events.

The Volley Girls attend private parties in the exclusive Hospitality Pavilion, PR engagements with players on-air in TV and radio.

They also are known to make appearances at the hippest, hottest and chic hot spots in Delray Beach and throughout Palm Beach County. 

Expanding the image, presentation and awareness of the girls is a great and wonderful priority for us -- as well as a wonderful opportunity for the entire tennis community, ITC, and Delray Beach too! 

Everyone is benefited with the addition of their vivacious beauty! 

Meet The Lovely Volley Girls

“When we started the Volley Girl campaign in 2007, we thought it would be popular, but never realized the extent to which these girls became the iconic figures of the event they did,” said John Butler, Executive Director of the Delray Beach ITC.

“Now they’ve received national recognition, endorsement deals with incredible fashion boutiques and make-up lines. It’s all just exploded in such a fantastic way. They’ve become an ideal representation of the event.”

The Volley Girls' colorfully diverse backgrounds appropriately adorn the International Tennis Championships, as some past and current Volley Girls are from Colombia, Brazil, Morocco, Germany, Romania, and Yugoslavia.

Infectiously, enthusiastically and undeniably engaging, the Volley Girls are the vision of our “Award of Excellence” winning event and a tangible reality for our loyally addicted fans.

And here the Volley Girls are on the cover of our Atlantic Ave Magazine.

They do an awesome job of representing our town, our tennis courts, our International Tennis Championships...and they look so darling doing it!

Want to Know How to Be a Volley Girl?
Here's How...

Volley Girl traits that they are seeking are: a positive, energetic and personable character. If you would like to know more about how to become a Volley Girl you can contact their coordinator Marlena Hall via email or call 561-330-6000.

To download an application or to read more about the Volley Girls, please go to

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