Cafe de France -- Ooh La La
A French Restaurant in Delray

by Dawn Pennington
(Palm Beach, FL)

Chevre Salad (Photo: Carline Jean Sun Sentinel)<br> (Click on each photo to enlarge)

Chevre Salad (Photo: Carline Jean Sun Sentinel)
(Click on each photo to enlarge)

Comment by Danika Dahl: There's a new French restaurant in Delray Beach and my friend Dawn sent in a very yummy write-up on Cafe de France -- I think you'll want to read this! Thank you Dawn for a great review on Cafe de France.

OK, Now All About Cafe de France...

The old Cold Stone Creamery on Atlantic Avenue, across the street from Old School Square, now houses a French restaurant called Cafe de France.

You can stop in for a variety of coffees and decadent-looking pastries, which my officemates have done and they are pleased with everything they've tried so far.

Yummy Desserts at Cafe de France
cafe de france delray beach

I popped in for a quick lunch yesterday. The decor is quaint -- lots of browns and golds and dark wood and other earthy tones. Very warm and inviting in what used to be a very cold space.

Dining at Cafe de France Restaurant
delray beach cafe de france

The restaurant was surprisingly busy for only having been open a week (it debuted on Thanksgiving). Like all new restaurants, the servers were very sweet and overly attentive, and the owner was actually taking our orders and filling our water glasses.

The prices were very reasonable for lunch, with most items in the $10-and-under range for salads, sandwiches and quiches. My friend had the "Frenchy" sandwich (with brie. It was divine).

I had the Chevre Chaud, which had some nice spice to it. I was surprised to get a salad when I saw Chevre Chaud on the sandwich menu, but I'm not complaining. :)

The coffee (we just got regular coffee -- nothing fancy) was excellent, too.

I understand that this particular spot has seen a lot of restaurants and businesses come and go, but I hope Cafe de France Restaurant is here to stay, because there are entirely too many yummy-looking things on the menu that I HAVE to try!

UPDATE: Cafe de France is still in the same location but in December 2010, they changed their name to Carpe Diem, now known as a World Cuisine Restaurant, not just limited to French Cuisine.

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Comments for Cafe de France -- Ooh La La
A French Restaurant in Delray

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Aug 05, 2012
Cafe de France Carpe Diem - Improved My Standard Of Living
by: D. Sewell

Cafe de France was terrific, but Carpe Diem is just beyond my wildest dreams. It has single-handedly improved my standard of living.

The food is so very good. The menu always offered creme brulee & quiche the French way (light delicate custard, not gluey pudding), fois gras, escargot done right, and other things that are truly French and rare luxuries to me. But now, they have a $23 sunset menu! A half-price Happy Hour! A series of $5 appetizers! They offer flatbreads! Now I can eat there painlessly and all the time.

And Carpe Diem has a slew of excellent and inexpensive French wines BY THE GLASS--Puligny Montrachet, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fuisse, and Sauternes by the glass; Gevrey-Chambertin, St. Emilion, Chateauneuf du Pape, Pomerol, BY THE GLASS! And the prices aren't $50/glass, as I paid at the Omphoy for a glass of Dom Perignon. They're $7.50 to $15 per glass!

Their wine list is packed with dazzlingly alluring, affordable wines by the glass--it's a wine education as well as a pleasure. Whew!

They also serve some great and famous French wines at $200+/bottle--Clos d'Estournel, Pichon Longueville--that kind of bottle is easy to find, though the prices elsewhere are over $300.

BUT what's unique is their unknown, excellent French wines that I can afford. They use their experienced, knowledgeable palates to identify wines for us that are excellent AND inexpensive, and that's a wonderful and rare thing. Sommeliers rarely are interested in providing anything inexpensive.

Inexpensive excellent FRENCH wines especially are hidden from ordinary mortals.

Needless to say, the service is smooth, pleasant, and kindly--they aren't snotty or snooty. And they are really, really good judges of food as well as wine.

They know how to pick and dismiss chefs. And they're a bakery, with great desserts.

The wines and the food are just beyond anything else I've seen, and I've tried Cafe Boulud, Ta-boo, the Breakers' restaurants, the Omphoy....

The latter was really good, but Michelle Bernstein isn't there anymore. Carpe Diem is better than these famous places, and has saner prices.

It's a unique treasure.

These restauranteurs ARE French and have been making French food since 1820.

I keep a small place in France, 1/2 hour from Paris, and, though American, I spend a lot of time in France, eating like a pig.

Carpe Diem's food sure seems like real French food to me, though some is intentionally from elsewhere.

Comment from Danika Dahl: D. Sewell, what an exceptional review! I sincerely thank you for such a detailed and thorough experience.

I know Olivier, the owner, personally, and I agree with everything you say! Cafe de France is one of my very favorite restaurants in Delray and I love-love-love their pastries!

Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience with me and my readers! :-)

Jan 15, 2010
Cafe de France
Adorable and Delightful Ambiance

by: Danika Dahl

While I was in Delray this last week, I walked into Cafe de France to introduce myself to the owner, Olivier.

This new french restaurant in Delray has recieved a lot of hits on so I had to see what this French restaurant in Delray was all about.

Unfortunately, I had already eaten so I didn't eat there, but I did walk in and meet Olivier and I got to feel the vibes and ambiance!

This restaurant is adorable! As soon as I have a chance to eat there, I will write a dedicated web page on Cafe de France.

Meanwhile, please read these other reviews and then go give Cafe de France a try for yourself and then come back to and leave your own comment, right here. You can add a photo too!

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Jan 09, 2010
Cafe de France - Really Enjoyed It!
by: Susan

My husband and I ate at Cafe de France on Atlantic Avenue last night. We were so pleased to see a new restaurant where the old Cold Stone Creamery used to be.

We sat outside, which was great since it puts you up above street level, so the view is nice without having people walking right past your table.

My husband had the lamb shank, which he enjoyed and I had the boeuf bourguignon. It was excellent! The coffee was superb and the desserts (which we took home) were also very good.

The service, outstanding. We will certainly be back as there were other things on the menu which we would love to try.

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Dec 29, 2009
Bonjour From Olivier Owner of Cafe de France...

Bonjour, Olivier owner of Cafe de France...

Thanks for your lovely comment on Cafe de France. We really appreciate your support and hope that I will see you soon.

My wife and myself worked in the restaurant business since 10 years and we worked with passion. Thanks again.

Sorry for the Chevre Chaud Sandwiches confusion.

Chevre Chaud is a popular Salad in France, and I decided to create chevre chaud sandwiches.

Good idea because it is a good seller but bad idea to give the same name because it caused confusion in the kitchen.

So after your comment, I changed the name and re-printed the menu.

Now chevre chaud = Salad and Chevrette (means baby goat)=Sandwiches

Thanks again!

Au revoir, bisous a vous tous.

Olivier, from Cafe de France
Delray Beach, Florida

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