Looked everywhere; found it in Delray: Cafe de France

Cafe de France Restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida

Cafe de France Restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida

It's not so easy to find really good food in Florida, but we keep trying.

Delray turned out to have the hidden diamond -- great food, both innovative and classic, and excellent French wines you don't see in stores, all at low, low prices.

The new Cafe de France is the best restaurant in the region. The family running Cafe de France has been in French food since 1820, and their expertise with French sources and techniques provides not only great food and wine, but at amazingly good prices.

The quality is such a pleasure, and the quality to price ratio is unbelievable.

Great service, too, in a restful, lovely outdoor and indoor setting.

Comment by Danika Dahl: Thank you so much for your comment on Cafe de France. cafe de france delray beach

This is one of my most favorite restaurants in Delray!

I love-love-love Cafe de France and agree with everything above!

This little French bistro restaurant is so amazingly good I couldn't leave without having two cappuccinos and two desserts! And it all was heavenly! I highly recommend Cafe de France to everyone.

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UPDATE: Cafe de France is still in the same location but in December 2010, they changed their name to Carpe Diem, now known as a World Cuisine Restaurant, not just limited to French Cuisine.

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