Jimmy's Bistro in Delray Beach

by Dawn Pennington
(Palm Beach, FL)

Shrimp Po'Boy from Jimmy's Bistro In Delray Beach

Shrimp Po'Boy from Jimmy's Bistro In Delray Beach

Jimmy's Bistro
Delray's Newest Addition and My New Favorite Place for Lunch

A colleague and I walked around the corner to try Jimmy's Bistro (or maybe it's Jimmy's Po'Boy Bistro) -- I forget the proper name but will never forget the amazing service.

Jimmy's is a brand-new addition to the intersection of Atlantic and Swinton, right around the corner from Tryst Restaurant and The Bull Bar. I have no idea what it was before, but I am rooting for the new owner to have an incredibly successful business.

My friend ordered the veggie po'boy and I went with the shrimp. The restaurant was pretty quiet so, while we waited, Jimmy sent over two bowls of just-made chicken soup. It was superb.

My friend is a vegetarian and was apologetic that she couldn't eat the soup. Within seconds, Jimmy had whipped up (just for her) a tomato-basil soup that she absolutely loved.

Let me note that all of this was free of charge -- he just likes to take care of his customers!

My po'boy came and I was thrilled that the shrimp was only lightly battered -- I was worried that it would be deep-fried and heavy, but it had just the right amount of seasoning and breading. The aioli sauce made the sandwich "just right" and the grilled panini bread stayed crisp.

Jimmy came over to ask how the food was, and took special care in asking my friend how the veggie patty tasted, as he wasn't certain that he'd gotten the recipe "right" just yet.

We were both happy and made sure he knew it.

A coffee vendor came by as we were finishing our HUGE sandwiches (amazing amount of food for the paltry price). So, Jimmy invited us to sample coffees with him so that he could choose the right one for the restaurant.

We all agreed on a very smooth espresso roast, and the coffee was just the right amount of caffeine to give us a boost for the rest of the afternoon.

I understand that the restaurant is now open for dinner (it was a just-lunch place till recently), and he's applied for a liquor license.

I hope that Jimmy's becomes a "happening" spot because he is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and the food is incredible.

This is definitely my new favorite restaurant in Delray.

Good luck, Jimmy -- you deserve it!

Danika Dahl's Comment: Dawn, thank you so much for such a well-written restaurant review! Excellent details and photo!

I agree with you, this definitely sounds like exceptional service! And the coffee sampling sounds like a nice added bonus and boost for your afternoon!

I've not heard of this new restaurant yet but will certainly check it out when I get back to Delray Beach.

For My Readers of I-Love-Delray-Beach.com: Dawn Pennington is one of the contributing photographers on this site. Thank you Dawn for your wonderful pictures that you share with everyone! ;)

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Comments for Jimmy's Bistro in Delray Beach

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Jan 19, 2014
Delectable food and mellow ambience
by: Judith

From appetizer to salad to entree, the food was extremely delectable and pleasing to the palate. We shared the homemade ravaiioli, made with chicken, mozzarella, ricotta and fresh mushroom- outstanding flavor and taste, then we had the roasted beet and goat cheese salad-so amazingly delicious and for entree we shared thee outstanding and flavororful swordfish that melted in our mouths! I highly recommend Jimmy's Bistro and look forward to coming back soon!

Jul 30, 2010
Jimmy's Bistro - A HOT Neighborhood Place
by: Anonymous

Hey guys - I have to tell you that my wife and I love your place! The food is excellent and the service is warm and friendly. It is what Delray needed...

Jimmy Bistro's -- A neighborhood place without being to shee-shee. One major draw back is the lack of AC. Dinner last night was uncomfortable.

We would love to come back week after week, but summer in Florida, is just too HOT to enjoy a night out.

PLEASE give some thought to increasing the AC.

All the best!

May 03, 2010
Jimmy's Bistro is Wonderful!!
by: Anonymous

My husband and I wandered into Jimmy's Bistro quite by accident and we were very pleasantly surprised.

The food was fresh, innovative, reasonably priced - and all you could ask for!

The restaurant is small and intimate but by the end of the evening we knew everyone in there and it felt like a private party.

I don't usually write reviews of places (self-ishly thinking someone else will do it) but Jimmy's Bistro is something special.

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