Sandcastle Building Tips

 Here's Some Great Sandcastle Building Tips to Help You Make The Best Sandcastles!

If you want to learn how to make a sandcastle or how to decorate a sandcastle, here's some sandcastle building tips just for you!

Get ready to go on your sandcastle decorating and sandcastle-building adventure with me, right here! Ready?

  • Use a spatula for smoothing sand flat and use a small shovel to scoop sand out of the bucket rather than your hand.
  • You'll want to know how to make a sandcastle look clean and that's with a straw. Use the straw to blow away loose sand from your finished areas.
  • A large soft paintbrush works well to remove unwanted sand off of the flat surfaces.
  • Use a spray bottle to wet down the sand if your sandcastles begin to dry and crumble during construction. This will give your sandcastles a solid structure.
  • Make sure the spray is a soft mist – just enough to apply moisture yet light enough to not cause damage to your sandcastles.
  • How to make a sandcastle tower? The best and easiest way to make a sandcastle tower is with your bucket.
  • Fill your bucket with wet sand. Compact it really, really good. Then turn the bucket over real fast and yell "sandcastle building" before you lift your bucket up.
  • Then lift your bucket up and you should have a beautifully shaped mound of sand that will be one piece of your sandcastle!
  • You’ll want each mold or tower to be smaller than the one before it. So put the biggest mold or tower on the bottom and go smaller as you go up so the largest and strongest part of your sandcastle is the bottom -- which is your foundation.)
And remember to
yell "sandcastle building" each time
you turn your bucket over!

How To Decorate Sandcastles

  • Look around the beach for natural decorations and make a sandcastle using things like pretty colored rocks, bird feathers, pretty seashells, seaweed, sticks, or driftwood.
  • Use items that you might easily find at the beach like Popsicle sticks, some bright colored empty bags of chips or candy wrappers, or Styrofoam cups.
  • Use angry-looking crab shells as monsters lurking in the moat and make sure you have some guards around your moat to protect your sandcastle!
  • When sandcastle building, use your medieval imagination and be creative to make a sandcastle look really cool!

More Sandcastle Building Tips
to Make a Sandcastle Look Amazing!

  • Extremely wet sand is easiest to work with when you make a sandcastle.
  • Work fast so the sand stays wet. Use your spray bottle if the sandcastle begins to dry or crumble.
  • When shaping and carving, start at the top of your sandcastle and work your way down. This will prevent the loose sand falling into areas you’ve already worked on.
  • Use the drip method by grabbing a bunch of very wet and very goopy sand in your fist and then let it gently ooze (drip) from your fist making a mound or shape as you build your sandcastle. This is great for toddlers to do!
  • Be quick, as soon as the sand that's dripping from your fingers makes contact with your sandcastle it’s likely to be solid as a rock.
  • You’ll want plastic containers in different sizes, largest to smaller, depending on how high you want to make your sandcastle.
  • Put your biggest molds or shapes on the bottom and make each item above it smaller and smaller as you build your sandcastle. This will give your sandcastles a sturdy foundation.
  • You'll want your sand to be compressed as tightly as possible, so be sure to compact it with all your might removing any air pockets and any dry sand spots. This will help it all hold together better.
  • If you want to make a sandcastle that you can take home, build it on a hard surface like a board or table so you can carry it home.

This is the physics of sand and water... 
Very serious stuff when building sandcastles!