My New Favorite Delray Beach Restaurant - Patio Delray

by Jan Comos
(Ocean Ridge, Florida)

Patio Delray

Patio Delray

The perfect restaurant for South Florida, the newly opened Patio Delray, is now my favorite.

I loved it the minute I saw it! This restaurant offers both chic indoor dining and homey patio dining plus has an extensive bar tended by very friendly, welcoming staff. You feel like you've arrived at your neighborhood bar.

The food looked amazing and the menu provided some selections not available just anywhere.

My dining mates were very happy with there selections. As a vegan, I was not sure about ordering, but I left myself in the chef's hands, and was not disappointed with the fresh pasta with herbs, vegetables, and citrus. So light and fresh....perfecto!

I recommend Patio Delray to all my friends and will definitely return! In fact, I already have. The roasted vegetables are awesome!

There were no complaints from the meat eaters, either. Wine list is extensive, too.

Patio Delray is located 800 Palm Trail, just off George Bush at the Intracoastal, west side of the bridge.

I understand they will be serving brunch on the weekends starting the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving. I would call to confirm. 561-279-0080.

Enjoy! I know I did!

Comment by Danika Dahl: Jan, Wow! What a nice write up! Thank you so much for sharing you delightful experience at Patio Delray in such detail. Also, thanks for the beautiful photos. Very nicely done. ;-)

I haven't been to Patio Delray but next time I'm in Delray, I would definitely like to check it out because it looks very inviting and you've made it sound just fabulous!

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