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Delray Beach Vibrations, Issue #001 -- Hot Deals in Warm Weather!
October 30, 2009

Delray Beach Vibrations Newsletter is an ezine all about Delray Beach, Florida. A vibrant and charming South Florida beach resort town with two miles of award-winning white sandy Florida family beaches and rated one of the top #35 beaches in the entire country!

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Issue #001, October 9, 2009

To All Delray Beach Lovers and Sunseekers!

Have you felt the cold weather yet?

If you live in a geographic region that has cold weather, you most likely have. Some of you may have already had a snow fall! So then my next question is, are you looking for somewhere warm to escape to in the next month or two?

Say somewhere like, um, oh, say, maybe...Florida!

The November weather in Florida is wonderful! I'm always asked is the water warm in November, and let me assure you, it absolutely is warm! So bring your bikini! And other swimwear.

Hot Deals for Hotel Specials and Hotel Coupons
On my web site, I have a page I keep updated with the hottest savings in Florida (and other warm places too!). I call it the "Hot Deals" page.

I encourage to bookmark my Hot Deals page because I will always have the most current Florida hotel coupons and other savings and discounts posted on it. And these Hot Deals aren't just for tourists. These can be used by locals of Delray Beach too!

Palm Beach County 100th Anniversary and YOU Get The Present!
Palm Beach County is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and they are giving you the present!

I have some exceptional savings I would like to tell you about that last through the end of December 2009 -- available in Palm Beach County from Palm Beach County. (Pssttt...Delray Beach is in Palm Beach County.)

Palm Beach County Florida Hotel Coupons
The most exceptional gift you are going to receive are the hotel coupons! Depending on which property you stay with, you get either the 3rd, 4th, or 5th night for only $19.09!

Can you believe a hotel room at Crane's Beach House for under $20.00! Grab it while you can and get into it!

Palm Beach County Florida Attraction Discounts
Another gift they are offering you are various percentage discounts and 2-for-1 prices at attractions like Morikami Japanese Gardens, local museums, and many other attractions.

Click here to read more about these incredible Palm Beach County savings available now through December 2009.

Share Your Love of Delray Beach!
If you love Delray Beach, Florida as much as I do or if you have a great vacation story of Delray Beach, Florida -- or even a story of another awesome Florida beach vacation, please share your love and tell your story and even upload a photo right here!

Limited Advertising Opportunities Available
Although will never become a commercialized site for advertising, I am offering limited advertising opportunities. will likely become one of the top vacation planning resources vital to a tourist when making vacation plans to Delray Beach. A niche-based web site like is an ideal venue for businesses to reach their targeted audience on a global level prior to their arrival to Delray Beach.

This might especially appeal to businesses who have a need to connect with their customer while the customer is in the planning stages of their vacation i.e., prior to their arrival of their vacation destination.

If you would like to read of the successful rankings of and/or if you feel advertising on could benefit you as well as my visitors, please click here to read more about the limited advertising opportunities available.

Sharin' my love of Delray Beach,
Danika Dahl

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